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The "alternative" way of second-hand construction machinery
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As the largest industrial country in the world, China is in the stage of rapid development of manufacturing industry. How big is China's infrastructure? Foreign media have evaluation "infrastructure spree", we are actually that was not a bit exaggerated, so construction machinery industry, with the big stimulus "four trillion" construction, from the great development of 2008, and then experienced overcapacity, shuffle, beckoning, current coincided with the investment climate period of economy, prospect is good.

In 2017, the Chinese construction machinery market was in the spring, with the sales of various categories of construction machinery such as excavators, loaders, cranes, etc., all showing substantial growth, with many of them achieving a year-on-year doubling. New machine sales hot at the same time, the second-hand construction machinery market situation? In the warm situation, the second-hand construction machinery and where to go?

With the several blowout development of the industry, the market quantity of construction machinery equipment increases rapidly, and the trade and circulation of second-hand equipment also enter the fast lane. Especially since 2012, the development of the industry fell into a sluggish, new machine sales setback, the advantages of more cost-effective second-hand equipment prominent, transaction volume soared, become a major highlight of the industry trough.

Before 2011, driven by 4 trillion yuan of investment, the construction machinery industry overexpanded, with overcapacity and equipment overstocking. The subsequent economic downturn, leading to the collapse of the construction machinery industry chain, bond machine became an important source of second-hand construction machinery. At the same time, the aggressive sales policy, coupled with the sluggish demand side, a large number of construction machinery backlog in the hands of users.

China is rich in second-hand construction machinery resources, and the huge market quantity has provided a reliable and necessary resource base for the prosperity of the second mobile phone market. Data show that by the end of 2016, the number of major products of China's construction machinery was about 6.72 million to 7.28 million, among which 1.498 million to 1.624 million are hydraulic excavators. In the context of falling demand and sluggish sales of new phones, such huge market holdings are making second-phone transactions more urgent and frequent. Selling the overstock as soon as possible is the only way for many users to reduce their losses. Therefore, second-hand construction machinery sales quickly rise, and became a prairie fire.

In recent years, the domestic second-hand construction machinery market has undergone many changes. Such as with the previous few years of legal equipment accounted for most of the difference, after a few years of digestion, now the second-hand equipment in the hands of agents are mostly their own acquisition or customers used to replace the old equipment. For the construction machinery industry, there is no doubt about the huge market size of second-hand equipment, which can be seen from the development process of the industry at home and abroad. For example, in the mature foreign market where the market is close to saturation, many well-known manufacturers have already transferred their profit points to the post-market field, among which the second-hand equipment accounts for a large proportion.

As the old saying goes, "if you are poor, you will change. At present, the domestic construction machinery industry has been in the window of change, how to borrow the second mobile phone business after the smooth transformation of the market, has become an unavoidable problem for us.

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