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JIANGSU GAOLIDE NEW ENERGY CO., LTD.  Has become the outstanding supplier of sinopec, petrochina, cnooc, long-term, mainly engaged in new energy products, technology research and development, such as sinopec, petrochina, cnooc large chemical industry, machinery, petrochemical related enterprises to provide supporting facilities and high-end services, mainly include: chemical, oil, industrial automation control, high and low voltage electric appliance, special mechanical equipment and accessories, anti-corrosion materials, fire equipment and many categories of products. At the same time, jiangsu gaolide is also a one-stop service provider of MRO industrial products solutions, with a sound global MRO procurement and supply system, agents: SMC pneumatic components, jepao air compressor, eni, weishidun, schneider, ABB, Siemens, omron, Bosch, skadden, Stanley, 3M, darta and other brands.

Scope of business: new energy technology research and development, technical advice; Smart micro-grid system integration, energy storage system integration, photovoltaic system development; Hardware appliances, oil products (except oil products, including scope of dangerous chemicals as shown in the permit to operate), instrumentation, mechanical equipment and accessories, metal materials and products, labor insurance supplies, daily provisions, building materials, insulation materials, chemical products (including dangerous chemicals range as shown in the license to operate), plastic products, rubber products, valves, pipe fittings, fire equipment, household appliances, office supplies, paper products, electronic products, the purchase and sale of textiles; Import and export of goods or technologies (except those prohibited by the state or involving administrative approval). (for projects subject to approval according to law, business activities can only be carried out after the approval of relevant departments)

The pursuit of excellence, to the perfection. Adhering to the concept of gathering wisdom and pursuing excellence, jiangsu gaolide has been making plans in the field of strategic emerging products, integrating emerging high-end products and technologies into the development of many industries through modular and systematic solutions, aiming to go forward hand in hand and surpass development as its mission, and become a promoter of making in China to make in China.